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Retaining Walls


Temporary Retaining Wall at Daytona International Speedway

 Daytona Beach, FL 

Construction of a temporary steel sheet pile retaining wall utilizing external tiebacks to facilitate the construction of a new tunnel access under the track to the speedway's infield.  The wall was designed and constructed to maintain an excavated depth of 26'.


Retaining Wall for Target Store Stormwater Retention Pond

Jacksonville, FL

Construction of a 1,135 steel sheet pile retaining wall around the perimeter of a retention pond.  The retaining wall eliminated the need for sloped sides allowing the owner to utilize more of his property.


Retaining Wall for the Great Apes of the World Exhibit at the Jacksonville Zoo

 Jacksonville, FL 

Construction of a 425' concrete sheet pile retaining wall that formed a protective barrier between apes and visitors at the Jacksonville Zoo.